I'm a (PTSD disabled?) posthuman arts activist who lives with and works alongside an assistance canine. Through trans-species artistic collaboration we positively contest, disrupt and reconfigure traditional cultural and social spaces. Through diversity advocacy we seek an inclusive collective society that supports all types of wellbeing.


Often self taught and always seeking new ways to solve old problems, I have been lucky enough to live in a time where I have had a canine and Google as my mentors.

Lived experience

  • Domestic and Industrial Concretor
    1991 - 1997

    The only difference between concreting, to then becoming an academic is... there's no real difference, its all an unfolding process realised by lots of hard work.

  • Contemporary Visual Artist
    2005 - 2021

    I love making stuff instead of talking about it. My best work speaks for itself, my crappier work is how I got here! geez I've made some crap!

  • Education
    Curtin University 2021
    On the home stretch! nearly completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia
    Majoring in BioArt & Digital Mechanics - Disability, Animal and Environmental Studies.


  • Awards are so....
    20th century.

18 Curtin University Board of Examiners High Distinctions

Curtin University Vice-Chancellors Award for top 1% of Undergraduates 2019

The ultimate award/reward/bone is the close posthuman/canine bond I share with Ruby, an assistance canine. She taught me what it means to be human.